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Please contact Andy On 07886929328 Day / Night if you require further assistance.

Q. When should or can I request a quote?

You may request a quote from me at any time. It doesn’t matter if you do not have a moving date or time yet or an exact address for the new property – we are happy to issue a Full and Fixed quote in advance, even if you just know the name of the town you’re going to

If any serious details change after the quote has been provided, you can let us know directly on 07886929328 via text message or phone call rather than complete a whole new form.

Q. Can you give me an estimate of price?

We regularly give our customers the full price over the telephone or email. Normally it’s a complete all in one price for all the items you ask us to move, or a price per hour – or both – whichever is best for you is best for us. We can tell you how much it would be for one man and van and with two or three men all in the same phone call.

Please know we can tailor our services around your wishes and needs. If you would like me to come round then that’s no problem – For large house removals it is usually best for me to see all the items in person.

Q. Which locations do you cover?

Although we are based in Blackpool we cover Lancashire, Manchester and most areas in the North West, including but not limited to Blackburn, Manchester, Bolton, Wigan, Bradford, Oldham, Cumbria, Blackpool, Lancaster and Preston. We carry out local and long distance removals (depending on size) within the UK (excluding Northern Ireland).

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit?

We don’t normally request a deposit to be paid for local moves, unless it is a busy bank holiday weekend or it is a really big move which often takes a fair bit of preparation time by us getting the gear and van ready etc.

If you let me know that you are in a chain of buyers / sellers then I understand it is not all in your control, so I may ask for a deposit to secure my excellent services but i won’t mind if you have to change the date at the last minute due to other people messing you around.

If you would like to move long distance then we usually ask for a deposit unless it is very last minute – I don’t mind if you change the date as long as you give me enough notice. You can pay the deposit over the phone or in person if you prefer, or via bank transfer or paypal if that is easier for you. I will issue you a receipt for the deposit.

Q. How can I pay for my removal?

I accept Cash or Debit Or Credit Card or Bank Transfer or Paypal. Or cheque if you have enough time for it to clear before the removal – usually 3-5 banking days (mon-fri) depending on your bank.

I have a Streamline WorldPay Cardsave mobile card processing machine fitted into a van and registered to my company which allows us to take payments over the phone. I am fully PCI compliant and have the relative certificates available should you wish to see them.

It prints receipts which I can give you the authorisation code for and either post them on to you or give them to you when we meet.

We work evenings and weekends to.

Q. When should I book my removal?

It is best to confirm the booking as soon as you know your date, as the diary can fill up quite quickly, but you can call us any time your free. We are really good at our job and We operate on a first come first served basis but we also work long hours and stupid hours sometimes including Evenings and Weekends which makes our diary very big, so we can normally find room for you even at last minute.

If you have asked for a quote for a certain day then I will call you if someone else wants to book in at the same time as you.

Q. Can I move at the weekend?

Yes Of Course You Can. We carry out removals on Saturdays and Sundays – Day and Night at no extra cost. I may need a bit more notice for Sunday evenings but it is always worth a ask

Q. Do you offer an hourly rate or day rate?

We usually price per load where you give me a list of the items you would like to move and I give you a price that I will stick to for those items. I can come round if you prefer or if you have some irregular shaped complex items that need looking at and weighing up. Or if you would just like to meet me in person

We give a fixed price quote. This means we stick to the price given. We find that most customers prefer a fixed price. Please give me a call, I’m up till late most nights. Or you can complete the quotation form on our website. We also offer an hourly rate, or a daily rate, or Please contact us to enquire about the other options.

Q. Are you insured?

Yes like all good companies we are fully insured.

Goods In transit insurance and Public liability will help to re assure you we are a successful and professional company and helps prove our constant high standards and attention to detail.

Q. Can you dismantle and reassemble furniture?

Yes that’s no problem we usually carry tools, but you must mention this when requesting a quote and provide us with details. I will usually ask you when you phone up if you want us to dismantle anything.

We have dismantled thousands of things in the past and our hindsight has taught us all the tricks to get things done with no damage whatsoever. I don’t charge for taking doors off but I prefer to know in advance as a drill is usually required.

If you want me to take a door off that has had years of paint over the screws and the screws are worn away then I will charge for that as it can take a hour or two. If I take interior doors off then I may ask you to screw them back yourselves.

We can dismantle Wardrobe’s, Sofa’s, Swings, Slides, Doll Houses, Sheds, Tables, Giraffe’s, Lights, Lamps, Garden Ornaments, Curtain Rails, Washing Machines, Tv’s, Hifi’s, Computers, Complete IT Office Un wiring and desk dismantling, And many more strange and wonderful inventions and things 🙂

Q. Do you move pianos?

Yes we can move upright pianos, and we ensure that great care is taken at all times. I have many tricks up my sleeve to make sure your floor and walls and doors are damage free. I have trolleys and wheels and super cushions. It takes 4 men usually so please do not call if you are expecting a price of less than £130. Gravel drives add to the expense so please know in advance the layout of the house it is coming from and the one it is going to.

We don’t move grand pianos but can put you in contact with someone who does.

Q. Do I have to empty drawers?

You can normally leave them full unless there are say full of books or heavy or breakable items. The Chest itself must be sturdy to do this. Drawers in some badly self-assembly furniture may need to be emptied, as the furniture is not always that sturdy.

Q. Will you move items from my loft?

We hate emptying lofts as it is very time consuming. We don’t mind if you let us know in advance and we would probably give you a separate price for the loft.

I understand it is a big worry for elderly people and anyone with certain injuries so we are glad to help and ease any stress.

We can only do this if the loft is accessible via ladders and safe access is provided.

Q. Will you put my furniture where I want?

Yes I wouldn’t be a very good removal man if I didn’t put things neatly in a room of your choice. I hate leaving people in chaos with furniture everywhere – although I know some people prefer it that way so they can spend time working out what is best for them.

I will ask you which way you would like the bed in the room and where you would like the wardrobe’s so please have a rough idea in mind.

I always go the extra mile for my customers and will swap a thing or two around if its quick to do but please measure your beds and the new room before you move so you can confidently instruct us. If your not sure then trust me we know the best way to maximise space in a bedroom as we go in different ones loads of times a day. There ain’t that many different sized rooms

Your Job is to have a plan of where the beds and Sofa is going. The sofa layout is usually dictated by where your tv aerial and Tv is

Q. Do I arrange parking?

We normally need to park within 10m of an accessible doorway. Please mention to us if you think it might be difficult to do so as we have a few tricks up our sleeve

If parking is an issue or if there are potentially some restrictions you may need to make arrangements such as talking to your neighbours and reserving a space for us at a certain time.

Remember We Don’t Know Your New Area So It Is Up To You To Find Out The Parking Regulations / Procedure

Wheelie bins are great to put out in the road at a fair distance from each other. They clearly show people you are trying to reserve that area for something that day.

In special cases like town and city centers you may need to contact the local council to arrange for a temporary badge for £10 or a suspension or dispensation.

Unfortunately Any parking fines must be paid by you or split between us. If you reserve space, please remember that we need 25 foot plus 25 foot manoeuvring space to get the van in at the correct angle into the correct place. So moving your car over the road may actually be the worst place to move it.

People usually prepare by telling their next door neighbours that they have a van coming at some point. This is often not much use to us as it is normally the 2 cars parked over the road opposite to your driveway that slow us down. So please knock on the neighbours over the road first please.

Q. Are there any items you cannot move?

There are some items that we cannot move and some we wont move, including but not limited to Grand piano’s, gas bottles, flammable liquids, deep fat fryers with oil in, bottles of kitchen cooking oil, some paints, loose milk bottles

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