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Removals Preparation in Little Marton

Removal Tips and Advice

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Here at Blackpool Van Hire we have a 1st class level of service which is renowned for its great level of communication and removal planning help and is combined with many years of experience in any types of Removals, Large Van Hire and Business Clearances and House Clearances in Lytham st Anne's, Poulton le Fylde and Blackpool and the Fylde Coast and all the surrounding areas such as Fleetwood and Knott end, Lancaster, Blackburn and Manchester and Liverpool :-)

With having many years of experience we often see alot of things which people could of organised a bit better with a bit of removal planning help in the way of removal planning preparation and advice and so we thought we might pass our hindsight on to you :-

So, here are Some Great Removal Tips and Advice which I thought you may like to read, which will help your Removal day and the days after go alot smoother.

If you are buying a home, the date of your move is dictated by the contract completion date. It is worth planning well in advance for this date and reading some removal planning help advice and noting a few removal preparation plans and tips down that are relevant to you! Also as any good removal firms and cleaners can be hard to come by at short notice on the days you require it's always worth getting a price early even if you specify a few possible dates at first. I Hope you find it useful to read my removal tips and advice :-)-

Choose Your Date

Before you exchange contracts, it is worth checking that the agreed date is suitable for you. You may wish to move on a Friday, which gives a whole weekend to unpack, before you need to go back to work. Other common choices are:

  • school holidays, which allows the kids to get used to an area before starting a new school.
  • end of the month, which means there is usually a bit of spare cash around for those extra expenses.

If you do choose Friday however, be careful to make sure all of your services will be switched on, as a weekend without power and heating is not the best way to start life in your new house.

Although a lot of people try to coincide the purchase and sale of houses (or ending their lease and purchase date), If you would like one of my most important removal tips and advice then you may want to think about staggering this by completing your purchase a few days before you make your sale or more if you have home improvement ideas), so that you have a few days to prepare your new home, before you need to sleep there and with all your furniture in your way of said improvements :-)-

You may wish to get the following done in these breathing space days:

  • Clean the new house: it is not always easy to know whether the old occupants will clean the house appropriately
  • Get urgent deliveries: you may wish to get your new washing machine etc. installed before you bring the rest of your belongings
  • Get connected: this would give you a few extra days to make sure the phone, electricity and gas are connected.
  • Organize a spare set of keys so you and your partner can float around freely and most importantly seperately on removal day or maybe a Locksmith to change all the locks!
  • If you do need to stagger the dates, you may need to get a bridging loan - you should talk to your mortgage provider about this.

Moving your belongings

Once you have bought your new home, you need to get all of your belongings moved from where you currently live. The first thing to do is to work out what you need to take with you and to try to dispose of the rest. You may wish to try auctioning it at Ebay or swapping it for something new. Try for this. You will then need to work out what else you need to buy.

For the rest of your belongings, you will need a removals firm or organise to move it yourself via AndyVans Blackpool Van Hire. If you have a lot to move and want to reduce your stress levels we would recommend using a removals firm, who can also help pack and unpack your belongings. Check to see whether your employer will help with these costs.

To ensure that the move goes smoothly, it pays to book a removal firm well in advance. You can get a removals quote to and from anywhere in the UK through AndyVan The Man With a Van

Depending on the process of your move, you may also need to think about storage.

Getting connected

When you move home, dont forget that you have to contact the main services provided to your home, such as phone, gas, electricity and TV (cable or satellite) to get this disconnected / moved. This should be done ideally 4 weeks before you move. Check out switch utilities for the best approach to your arranging your gas and electricity.

It also helps to spare a few hours for Telling friends, family and other service providers

There are so many people you may need to tell about your change of address, people often wonder whether it is worth moving at all. We have prepared a check list of people to tell and have partnered with a number of firms to help you transfer your addresses smoothly.