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Large Van Hire Requirements for Blackpool Van Hire

1. Please Dont Even Set Off Or Book Anything With Me Until You Have Number 2. And 3. and 4. and 5. and 6. :-)

2. As with all Vehicle Hire in the UK You must have a Driver With A Full Uk Licence for not only 2 years or over but they have to of had 2 Years of Actual Driving Experience. They Must Be Under 75 years Old and Over 25 years old ( well in 90% of cases, although some people over 23 may be able to pay a small extra premium but I have to phone My insurers to Validate Them 1st so you still need to have Number 3. and 4. and 5. and 6. Ready to tell me

3.The Driver must have their Photocard Driving Licence AND the Paper Counterpart bit that you get when you first get your licence- so there's 20 minutes of searching through paperwork for you straight away so be a good cub scout and be prepared and have a look in a minute ! This bit gets most people - The Address on the Photocard must be the same as the Address on the Paper Counterpart, AND THIS MUST BE THE ADDRESS WHERE YOU LIVE NOW - Sorry but thats the only way this thing works :-) So when you nominate a driver nominate someone organised :-)

4. Once you have those two with matching address's then you just need 2 things dated Within the last 3 months that SHOWS THE DRIVERS SAME ADDRESS AS YOUR DRIVING LICENCE. They must be: Any Utility Bill (Gas / Electric / Water etc ) Or Instead ANY BANK OR CREDIT CARD STATEMENT- YES DATED WITHIN THE LAST 3 MONTHS So get those thumbs out :-)

5. A 2nd Form of Photo Id Preferably your Passport- if not just call me to check on 07886929328

6. Any Persons Debit or Credit Card with enough Available Balance to Cover the fully refundable deposit and the daily van hire Charge.

This Person If Different From The Driver Must Bring 2 forms of ID which have the same name as the card holder and the same address's on both forms and a form of Photo Id. For Example A Utility Bill and a Recent Bank Statement and a Passport or Photocard Driving Licence. Sorry Student Cards are to easy to forge nowadays. Thats It Thats It Thats It Thats It-

-- Few I hear you Say ! So Get off your rear and go get Organised Then give me a Call On 07886929328 If You have any Questions at all or are Unsure Then Please Don't Hesitate To Call / Text Me Anytime Day Night ( I'm Usually Up Late Anyway ) You Can Also Email But I Don't Check Everyday So Best To Call / Text if you require a quick response :-)